Check if your partner is cheating on Tinder

With just a photo and a few criteria, our app will reveal if your partner has been using any dating apps in recent weeks

How does it work?

Sophisticated AI algorithms, utilizing the photo you provide and certain details about your partner, will comb through all conceivable dating apps and inform you if the individual you're seeking maintains an active account on any of them.


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Upload photo of the person you're looking for. For a more precise result, you can add multiple.


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Wait while our AI system searches a database of 73 million accounts on various dating apps. This will take a maximum of 30 seconds


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See the results that our system has provided for you based on your data. Software has 99% efficiency!

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Upload a photo of the individual you wish to investigate and discover the truth.


Did you know that?


of people have discovered their partners using dating apps


people quietly chat up possible love interests


of people have cheated on their partner at least once


that's how effective our tool is
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What they’re saying

I was certain that I couldn't trust him 100%. Thanks to this app, I have irrefutable proof. I can clearly state that this app saved my heart from being broken. I am incredibly grateful beyond words! Riley J. profile
I really don't know what tempted me to use this app .... I had a good relationship... I found a picture of her with the description "ONS👅🍆💦” Parker S. profile
Thanks to this application, I have only reinforced my belief that it is not worth trusting and relying on the words of others. I appreciate the time you have saved me! Susan H. profile